Milwaukee Museum Mile

Today was a rainy awful day- the perfect kind of day for doing museums.  We were fortunate that there was a new museum tour featured, called the Milwaukee Museum Mile.  The name is kind of a stretch because there is more than a mile between them and one really isn't a museum.  It's more like a gallery in the lobby of a high rise building.  But ok, it works to market them as a package and today it was free for 5 museums and I LOVE FREE!!!

So as part of my 50 extraordinary things to do, this is the second one I'm doing.  I wanted to check out some local museums and these are small and doable in just  couple of hours.  Usually when I try to do something like this, there are challenges with Omar, but it wasn't bad today because they had everything planned so well.  If you find a special event that includes food, drink, and crafts....well, I think it's perfect for Omar.  They even offered a shuttle, which was great because it was raining and parking is so hard to find that most people would have given up.

Here are a few photos from our little excursion.  You can learn more at if you want to do this yourself.

North Point Lighthouse

The best part of this lighthouse tour for Omar was climbing to the top
 and getting to see lightning out on the lake

There are about 4 sets of these stairs and then a steep ladder to the top

At the Museum of Wisconsin Art at Saint John's on the Lake
 they had a couple of patient volunteers making origami with the kids

Here is the frog they made

Omar loves to take pictures so here I am at the top of the stairs
 at Charles Allis Art Museum
An unusual bear sitting atop a petrified wood table with quartz
 that resembles a block of ice at Charles Allis Art Museum

A chair and foot stool made from logs.
The axe that is the back rest is made of wood too.


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