Lunch with my Mom

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and it was a fine day to meet my mom at the local mall.  She lives in a nursing home and only has one leg, so she is wheelchair bound.  And to make matters worse, she is having the other leg removed next week so I wanted to do something with her before she gets stuck in the hospital for several days to weeks.

We are very lucky that Milwaukee county has a van service that has a lift so even people in wheelchairs are able to leave the nursing home for outings, and the cost is a value at $4 a trip.  Living in a nursing home is okay in that all your basic needs are met.  And they do a good job of trying to create a fun social environment by planning daily activities, but after all, you still are pretty much stuck there on a daily basis.  The food is "healthy" so in other words, has no salt, sugar, butter, or anything else that makes it profoundly delicious.  Once in awhile, everyone likes a splurge.

We did some window shopping because she hasn't really been out for just looking and people watching in a long time.  I was surprised that she was so interested in what was in style now.  She wanted to try on hats and look at scarves and pins.  It's all about accessorizing with the staff at the nursing home because they wear scrubs but try to add a bit of flair.  We spent another half hour just browsing knickknacks and yard ornaments and such.  Then we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory and my husband was able to meet us.  After salads bread, and soup, served with REAL butter,  she said she was full.  But I was able to convince her that she could take some cheesecake for her and her roommate back to the home with her.  She chose banana cream and strawberry slices.  YUMM!

She was really happy.  It felt good that everything went right and she had an enjoyable day.  She asked when we could do something like this again- maybe go to the lakefront museums.  I'm hoping there will be a few more outings this summer.  We have to enjoy the company while she is her with us.


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