The LIST! 50 Extraordinary things to do in 5 months to celebrate turning 50

For anyone reading this, these may not seem too extraordinary to you, but I have chosen them because at this point in life they seem to agree with my focus for the rest of my life.  I want better health, better relationships, and more fun in my life.  I think if we don't intentionally strive for that, it just doesn't happen.  So here are my ideas in no particular order.   I encourage you to choose some of these or create your own list to help me celebrate life.  Most of these don't require a great deal of money or time.  But then again, some do.    And if you see something that you would like to do with me, let me know!  I will enjoy having the wonderful company of family and friends!  

  1. Write a love letter
  2. Make peace.  Make amends.  Renew relationships.
  3. Host a garden party, British style
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Visit the national trails/seashore in WI.  We don't have any national parks.
  6. Grow my own vegetables
  7. Bring cupcakes to the Veterans home
  8. Go to a baseball game and enjoy a hotdog
  9. Disneyworld with the kiddos
  10. Ride a segway
  11. Make a wedding cake
  12. Check out the newest Legoland, which is in FL
  13. Write a cookbook
  14. Sailing Lesson
  15. Fishing trip
  16. Volunteer at Soup kitchen
  17. Kayak or canoe
  18. Redecorate a bedroom- sadly we have 2 that are still with barren walls after living here 7 years
  19. Write a thank you note to my mom and take her on a date
  20. Ice skate in summer
  21. Pajama party with my sister
  22. Learn to use my camera NOT on automatic modes and to prove this, I will photograph fireworks
  23. Ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle
  24. Have a family photo session with ALL of our kids and grandson
  25. Enter a contest
  26. Visit all my living aunts and uncles
  27. Visit my dad's grave
  28. Take a bike trip
  29. Visit Amish country
  30. Picnic at the beach
  31. Host a fancy dinner party
  32. Investigate some museums in our area that I've never been to
  33. Clean up a public garden
  34. Take the Chicago river boat cruise
  35. Do a city walking tour
  36. Visit a Botanic garden
  37. Try a new restaurant and dish that sounds like something I'd never normally eat
  38. Read a book just for self help books allowed
  39. Make a piece of jewelery that will remind me of this year
  40. Visit old friends from school and the Air Force
  41. Write to a local paper about my adventure
  42. Spa day
  43. Follow up on physical and do all the stuff you're supposed to do at age 50...ugh
  44. Schedule a monthly date night
  45. Have a girls day/night out
  46. Do a fun run
  47. Take each of my kids on a date of their choice
  48. Roller blade along the lake or maybe even go to the roller derby
  49. Learn to meditate
  50. Go back to my childhood neighborhood


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