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Natural Wonders in Arkansas

We came to Arkansas because it was one of the remaining four states left on my husband's list. His hope is to see all 50 states within the next year, so we are nearly there.  We found a Wyndham at Fairfield Bay on our timeshare group, and decided to come here when my son had a few days off.  I didn't know how the weather would be, but it turns out that February can be quite wet here.  I've been getting out when the showers stop to do some hiking, as there are so many beautiful natural areas in the Ozarks, like the Indian Cave on the Indian Cave Trail.

On a few shorter hikes, I came across rock formations, caves with petroglyphs, and waterfalls.  I was glad I had hiking boots because the trails were quite rocky and slippery. Fairfield Bay has a website where one can download a map with several local tours.  Some of them are short and easy. Others take you up to a mountain top and can be more challenging. There's also a marina at Greers Ferry Lake with kayak rental, but…

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