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Expo Dubai 2020 in 2022

 I was excited to visit the world fair, called Expo Dubai, even though it was 2 years later than planned. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I'm glad we went. It was very crowded and a huge campus. Think of doing Disneyworld in a day. It's impossible! And that was the situation with this.  Emirates included free tickets with flights, but the tickets aren't really expensive anyway. Children, people over 60, and anyone with a disability are free. Everyone else pays about $15. We had to show proof of vaccination to enter.  What surprised us and also slowed us down was that EVERYONE HAD TO WEAR A MASK. It was mostly outdoors, but there were pavilions from each country highlighting technology, art, sustainability projects, and entertainment. Lines were very long at most of the exhibits we had read about through travel tips, and we gave up on "planning our visit" to see everything on the checklists because we were so tired. Doing 5 miles in a mask is hard work, wh

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