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What Do We Do With All This Free Time?

A blessing and a curse. I think of all the times I've heard people use time as an excuse not to get something done at home.  Now if you're one of the many living in quarantine, you have nothing but time on your hands.  This is a great opportunity. Embrace it. And feel no guilt about all the things you do for yourself.  Energize yourself with long naps. Stay in your pajamas all day. Binge watch Netflix shows you've been adding to the queue. This is the perfect time.  When this is finally over, which could be months from now, you'll have new ideas about things.

Sarah ban Breathnach shared in her book, Simple Abundance, the following entry on March 21. (This is a great book by the way. It will definitely move you to feel better about yourself and the world we live in).
For most of us, doing too much feels normal. In any 24 hour period, we're constantly pulled in a dozen differnt directions- work, children, personal relationships, chores, errands, friends, family, fina…

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