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Visiting Torino- Home of Juventus

In the past 6 months, I've seen 2 soccer games and 4 museums related to the sport.  That's more than I had ever done in the previous 56 years. To say I'm a burgeoning soccer fan might be an overstatement, but I totally get why people are so passionate about their teams now that I've experienced it.

In order to get Juventus tickets, Omar and I had to join the Juventus fan club and purchase tickets on-line. Abdul has been a fan for several years. It's kind of a pricey thing to go all the way to Torino, Italy just for a soccer game, but it made Abdul very happy. We dropped by Allianz Stadium the day before the game to tour the museum and stadium.  There was an option to do this on game day, but it would have meant a long day with crowds and much waiting. Naturally, every fan wanted to see where Ronaldo changes into his uniform. We saw most of the clubhouse, including dining areas where the fans can enjoy a fancy meal while watching the game.

The game itself was mesmer…

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