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Plan a Few Summer Excursions in Wisconsin

Gas prices are high. Airlines raised ticket prices. This may be a summer you choose to stay close to home.  If you live near Milwaukee, here are a few places we enjoyed visiting in 2020, that are still good choices. If you don't live in Wisconsin, try to find similar types of excursions close to home.  Amish farms are unique and show a lifestyle very different to our own. Wisconsin has several. Maps are slightly harder to find, but if you look for the shops and then just meander down the smaller county roads, you are sure to see interesting barns, beautiful horses, and buggies. In Columbia County, visit a bakery or buy plants. Here are printed directions , but go to the main valuworld website for more information. Travel Wisconsin has an article with the location for several other communities: Augusta, Cashton and Dalton. We enjoyed a trip to Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm on Washington Island. This is a long trip to make in a day, though we did it. There are a few others in the st

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