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Soccermania- That's Football for Everyone Outside the US

My husband spent his childhood in the tutelage of Italian priests and nuns at a boarding school run by the Catholic Church in Somalia.  I guess it's no surprise that he became a fan of Italian football and a team known as Juventus, or affectionately, "Juve" to real fans. One of his bucket list items has been to see the important stadiums where this "beautiful game" is played. We recently went on a football pilgrimage of sorts to see the sights and team he holds beloved.

Supporting your spouse in achieving their bucket list goals is not only admirable, but it can be a lot of fun. Especially when it's in a realm you might find unfamiliar.  I know very little about the sport, but I was eager to experience this through his eyes. I found it brought us closer and helped me to understand his complete fascination with the game.

We started with a flight to Dublin, just because it was the least expensive international choice from Chicago.  That was a big plus, becau…

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